How to say Color names in Vietnamese

Colors in Vietnamese

In this free lesson, you'll learn the Vietnamese words for basic colors.

This lesson will definitely be handy when going shopping! You can also start new conversations by talking about your favorite color.

Don't forget to create your own sentences in the comment section below, and I'll check them out!

Colors in Vietnamese

Here is a list of basic colors in Vietnamese to get you started!

  • màu ⇢ color
  • đỏ ⇢ red
  • hồng ⇢ pink
  • tím ⇢ purple
  • cam ⇢ orange
  • xanh lá ⇢ green
  • xanh dương ⇢ blue
  • trắng ⇢ white
  • xám ⇢ gray
  • vàng ⇢ yellow
  • đen ⇢ black
  • nâu ⇢ brown
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Example sentences

If you're an absolute beginner who wants to understand and construct basic Vietnamese sentences like the ones below, please take my free course to learn basic Vietnamese Grammar in 1 hour!

màu ⇢ color

Bạn thích màu gì?
[ You-like-color-what? ]
What color do you like?

đỏ ⇢ red

Mình thích màu đỏ
[ I-like-color-red ]
I like red color

hồng ⇢ pink

Cổ thích màu hồng nhất
[ She-likes-color-pink-the most ]
She likes pink color the most

tím ⇢ purple

Ảnh không thích màu tím
[ He-doesn't-like-color-purple ]
He doesn't like purple color

cam ⇢ orange

Ba lô (màu) cam là của mình
[ Backpack-(color)-orange-is-mine ]
The orange (color) backpack is mine

Note: Của mình refer to the possession "mine". The word "của" literally means "of" or "belong to".

xanh lá ⇢ green

Ảnh mặc áo (màu) xanh lá
[ He-wears-top-(color)-green ]
He wears a green (color) top

trắng ⇢ white

Cổ mặc váy (màu) trắng
[ She-wears-skirt-(color)-white ]
She wears a white (color) skirt

xanh dương ⇢ blue

Mắt của ảnh màu xanh dương
[ Eyes-his-color-blue ]
His eyes are blue color

xám ⇢ gray

Điện thoại của mình màu xám
[ Phone-mine-gray ]
My phone is gray color

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vàng ⇢ yellow / gold

Chuối chín màu vàng
[ Bananas-ripe-color-yellow ]
Ripe bananas are yellow

đen ⇢ black

Mình muốn mua hai cái quần màu đen
[ I-want-buy-two-pants-color-black ]
I want to buy two black pants

đen ⇢ black

Mình cần một đôi giày màu nâu
[ I-need-one-pair-shoes-color-brown ]
I need a pair of brown shoes

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