How to say different Face Parts in Vietnamese

In this quick lesson, we are going to learn how to say different face parts in Vietnamese.

You can even use these vocabulary words to describe someone's appearance, just like the example sentences that I made below.

You can also use these words to describe pain in different face parts, using the structure [đau + face part]. For instance:

đau miệng
mouth pain

đau răng

đau mắt

Face Parts in Vietnamese

Here is a list of face parts in Vietnamese to get you started!

  • mũi ⇢ nose
  • môi ⇢ lip / lips
  • lông mày ⇢ eyebrow / eyebrows
  • miệng ⇢ mouth
  • răng ⇢ tooth / teeth
  • mắt ⇢ eye / eyes
  • ⇢ cheek / cheeks
  • lông mi ⇢ eyelash / eyelashes
  • mặt ⇢ face
  • cằm ⇢ chin
  • trán ⇢ forehead
  • tai ⇢ ear / ears
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Example sentences

Let's take a look at those words more closely, and see how we can use them in sentences, especially to describe someone's appearance.

First off, we have ...

mũi ⇢ nose

Mũi của ảnh cao
[ Nose-his-tall ]
His nose is tall

môi ⇢ lip / lips
đôi môi ⇢ lips

Cổ có đôi môi dày
[ She-has-lips-thick ]
She has thick lips

lông mày ⇢ eyebrow / eyebrows

Cổ có lông mày đậm
[ She-has-eyebrows-dark ]
She has dark eyebrows

miệng ⇢ mouth

Ảnh có một cái miệng rộng
[ He-has-a-mouth-wide ]
He has a wide mouth

răng ⇢ tooth / teeth

Răng của ảnh rất là trắng
[ Teeth-his-very-white ]
His teeth are very white

mắt ⇢ eye / eyes

Mắt của ảnh không to lắm
[ Eyes-his-not-big-very ]
His eyes are not very big

⇢ cheek / cheeks

Má của cổ có lúm đồng tiền
[ Cheeks-her-have-dimples ]
Her cheeks have dimples / Her cheek has a dimple

lúm đồng tiền ⇢ dimple(s)

lông mi ⇢ eyelash / eyelashes

Lông mi của ảnh khá là cong
[ Eyelashes-his-quite-curly ]
His eyelashes are quite curly

mặt ⇢ face

Mặt của ảnh rất là đẹp trai
[ Face-his-very-handsome ]
His face is very handsome

cằm ⇢ chin

Cổ muốn có cằm V-line
[ She-wants-have-chin-V line ]
She wants to have a V-line chin

trán ⇢ forehead

Người thông minh thường có trán cao
[ People-smart-often-have-forehead-high ]
Smart people often have a high forehead

thông minh ⇢ smart, intelligent

tai ⇢ ear / ears

Tai của ảnh có vấn đề
[ Ears-his-have-problem ]
His ears have a problem (= There is a problem with his ears)

vấn đề ⇢ problem, issue

Other words

  • lỗ tai ⇢ ear-hole
  • bông tai ⇢ earring

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