1-On-1 Online Vietnamese Class for Beginners (Southern)

If you have ever tried to learn Vietnamese but gave up too soon, give this beautiful language another shot by taking trial lessons with HowToVietnamese.

Here are why you should!

In our class, there are:

  • NO traditional textbooks
  • NO unnatural dialogues
  • NO tedious written grammar drills
  • NO vocabulary repetition without context

Instead, as a learner, you CAN:

  • Learn real spoken Vietnamese
  • Acquire language naturally through visual STORYTELLING
  • Actively take part in the lessons that emphasize listening & speaking
  • Learn vocabulary in context & with visual aids

After just 4 LESSONS, you'll be surprised by how much you have learned in comparison to language apps, and other traditional Vietnamese classes.

Class Details

  • 1-On-1 Online Lessons via Zoom for Beginner Level
  • Opening Date: November
  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Package: Prepaid 10 Lessons, US$140 (or 3,300,000đ)
  • Per Lesson: US$15 (or 350,000đ), billed weekly
  • Paid Trial: 50% off the first 2 Lessons
  • Payment: Bank Transfer, Transferwise, PayPal, Payoneer