30 Vietnamese flirting phrases to impress someone

So you've found someone special that you're interested in. You really want to impress that person and charm her with your awesome language skill.

There's just one problem:

You know Zero Vietnamese!

Don't worry. I've got your back!

Here are the top 30 phrases that will show you from 'how to flirt in Vietnamese' to 'asking someone out on a date' and 'expressing your feelings'.

All the phrases use "anh" as the first person pronoun (I) for male. If you're the lady, just switch the pronoun from "anh" to "em" and vice versa.

Asking for personal information

First, let's have a look at how you can ask for basic personal information.

1. Em đi một mình hả?
: Are you here alone?

2. Em có bạn trai chưa?
: Have you got a boyfriend? (=Do you have a boyfriend)

3. Số điện thoại của em là gì?
: What is your phone number?

4. Facebook của em là gì?
: What is your Facebook account?

Tips: In Vietnam, Facebook remains to be the most popular social media platform, compared to Instagram or Twitter.

So you definitely should ask her Facebook account and start messaging there.

Flirting text messages in Vietnamese

Vietnamese girls tend to text a lot! So make sure you have these phrases in hand to impress her. They are simple but effective, and you can be a little cheesy as well when texting.

5. Em đang làm gì đó?
: What are doing now?

6. Anh nhớ em
: I miss you

7. Anh nhớ giọng nói của em
: I miss your voice

8. Anh nhớ mùi hương của em
: I miss your smell

9. Lúc nào anh cũng nghĩ đến em
: I always think of you

10. Anh không thể đợi để được gặp em
: I can't wait to (be able to) see you

Most Common Vietnamese Slang Words for Love and Relationship

Going out on a date in

Feeling more confident with your love interest

Let's ask her out on a romantic date.

Tips: A typical date which includes movie, dinner and live music bar would be considered to be very romantic. So, go ahead and take your chance with the phrases below.

11. Cuối tuần này em có rảnh không?
: Are you free this weekend? (cuối tuần = weekend)

12. Tối mai em có rảnh không?
: Are you free tomorrow night? (tối mai = tomorrow night)

13. Mình đi chơi nha!
: Let's hang out!

14. Mình hẹn hò nha!
: Let's date! / Let's start dating

15. Em muốn đi xem phim với anh không?
: Do you want to a watch movie with me?

Compliment your date in Vietnamese

So now you have successfully asked her out!

Giving her nice and sincere compliments here and there throughout your date is essential for it to be successful.

Tips: Don't overdo with too many compliments. Asian women prefer affectionate actions over words.

16. Hôm nay em đẹp lắm!
: You're so beautiful today!

17. Tối nay em đẹp lắm!
: You're so beautiful tonight!

18. Em cười rất là đẹp.
: You smile very beautifully!

19. Anh thích mái tóc của em
: I like your hair

20. Em rất là đặc biệt.
: You're very special.

How to say "I love you" in Vietnamese to a Partner/Friend/Family

Expressing your feelings in Vietnamese

After a few dates, you realize you're falling in love real fast with that special person.

Let's continue to impress her with your Vietnamese language skill and win over her heart with the following phrases:

21. Anh thích em
: I like you

22. Anh yêu em
: I love you

23. Anh yêu em rất nhiều
: I love you very much

24. Làm bạn gái anh nha!
: Be my girlfriend alright!

25. Anh làm bạn trai của em được không?
: Can I be your boyfriend?

Getting to know someone in Vietnamese

Here are some bonus phrases to help you get to know someone.

The last phrase is my favorite!

What a great excuse to spend more time with the person you like, don't you think?

26. Em tên là gì?
: What is your name?

27. Em đang sống ở đâu?
: Where are you living?

28. Em đang làm ở đâu?
: Where are you working?

29. Sở thích của em là gì?
: What are your hobbies?

30. Em dạy anh tiếng Việt được không?
: Can you teach me Vietnamese?

How to Say & Wish "Happy Birthday" in Vietnamese (+Song)

How to address your girlfriend or boyfriend in Vietnamese?

In the relationship, the guy always addresses himself as "anh" and the girl addresses herself as "em", regardless of who is older.

  • bạn traiboyfriend
  • bạn gáigirlfriend
  • người yêulover

Vietnamese girls also tend to use a "cute" nickname for their boyfriend/lover.

  • chồng yêuhubby
  • vợ yêuwifey
  • ông xãhubby
  • bà xãwifey

Want to learn more useful phrases? Why not get started with this mini-course 15 Must-know Vietnamese phrases for Beginners with pronunciation audio.

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