Easy Vietnamese phrases for getting a haircut

If you are an expat, you have probably visited the salons many times before in Vietnam. If you are a traveler, there might be a chance that you would want a nice and affordable haircut when it's a little too hot in Saigon.

Even though you could simply use your body language and show a hairstyle picture to the Vietnamese hairdresser, this article will show you just how easy it is to request for the services.

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Asking for the Service

Pronoun + muốn + the service

For example:

Tôi muốn cắt tóc kiểu này.
: I want to cut hair this style.

Tôi muốn nhuộm tóc màu này.
: I want to dye hair this color.

Tôi muốn cắt tóc gội đầu.
: I want to cut hair and wash hair.

Here is the list of some services that you can get at the salon:

cắt tócto cut hair
cắt tóc nữwomen's haircuts
cắt tóc nammen's haircuts
nhuộm tócto dye hair
uốn tócto perm hair
duỗi tócto straighten hair
tạo kiểu tócto style hair
gội đầuto wash hair
mát sa mặtto get facial massage
làm móngto do nails
làm móng tay / móng chânto do manicure / pedicure

Getting a Haircut

Some simple but useful phrases when getting a haircut.

Kiểu tóc nào hợp với tôi?
: Which hairstyle suits me?

Tôi muốn kiểu tóc này.
: I want this hairstyle.

Tôi muốn kiểu tóc đó.
: I want that hairstyle.

Ngắn hơn một chút.
: A little bit shorter.

Dài hơn một chút.
: A little bit longer.

Tỉa tóc mái một chút.
: Trim the fringe a little bit.

Tỉa đuôi tóc một chút.
: Trim hair ends a little bit.

Tôi không muốn gội đầu.
: I don't want to wash hair.

Tôi muốn cạo râu.
: I want to shave beard.

Getting hair coloring

Màu tóc nào hợp với tôi?
: Which hair color suits me?

Tôi muốn màu này.
: I want this color.

Có cần tẩy tóc không?
: Need to bleach hair?

: Need.

Không cần.
: No need.

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