Easy Phrases to Introduce Yourself in Vietnamese for Beginners

Caroline here!

In this lesson, you will learn how to introduce yourself in Vietnamese, including:

First of all in Vietnamese, there are many different terms that we use to address ourselves and the person we are talking to, simply to show respect.

And the best place to master Vietnamese pronouns is through my free basic Vietnamese grammar course.

In this lesson, to make things simple, I’ll be using the standard pair of pronouns, mình for "I", and bạn for "You".

So let’s get started!

Saying Hello in Vietnamese

When meeting someone for the first time, naturally, you would say “hello” and then introduce your name.

In a one-on-one conversation, you can say:

Chào bạn - which literally means “Hello you”

If you’re talking to a group of people, you would want to say:

Chào các bạn - meaning “Hello you" (plural)
> Chào mọi người - meaning “Hello everyone”

If you want to learn exactly how to say "Hello" in Vietnamese in both formal and informal ways, definitely check out my other lesson on this topic.

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Telling Name & Nickname in Vietnamese

There are a few ways to introduce your name in Vietnamese.

1) Mình là + [your name]
2) Mình tên là + [your name]
3) Tên của mình là + [your name]

  • Mình là John
    I’m John

  • Mình tên là John
    I’m named John

  • Tên của mình là John
    My name is John

If you have a preferred name or a nickname, you can let the person know by saying something like:

Mọi người hay gọi mình là + [nickname]

  • Mọi người hay gọi mình là Carol
    Everyone often calls me Carol


Chào các bạn. Mình tên là Caroline, nhưng mà mọi người hay gọi mình là Carol.
: Hello guys. My name is Caroline, but everyone often calls me Carol.

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Introducing Nationality & Hometown in Vietnamese

Since you are a foreigner, people naturally would want to know where you are from, you can say:

Mình đến từ + [country/city]

  • Mình đến từ Đức
    I come from Germany

  • Mình đến từ bang Texas, Mỹ
    I come from the state Texas, USA

And here's how you introduce your nationality in Vietnamese:

Mình là + [nationality]

  • Mình là người Úc
    Im Australian

  • Mình là người Mỹ
    Im American

If you’re a citizen of a country, but you or your family was, originated from another country, you can say:

Mình là + [nationality] gốc + [descent]

  • Mình là người Mỹ gốc Việt
    I’m Vietnamese American

Now if you were born in one place but grew up in another place, you can say:

Mình sinh ra ở + [place] > Mình lớn lên ở + [place]

  • Mình sinh ra ở Mỹ
    I was born in America

  • Mình lớn lên ở Úc
    I grew up in Australia


Mình sinh ra ở Mỹ, nhưng mà mình lớn lên ở Úc
: I was born in America, but I grew up in Australia

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Saying Where You Live in Vietnamese

If you’re currently living in a different place from where are from, you can say:

Mình đang sống ở + [place]

  • Mình đang sống ở Sài Gòn
    I’m living in Saigon

You can also mention how long you’ve been living in your current location by saying:

Mình sống ở + [place][duration] rồi

  • Mình sống ở Việt Nam 3 tháng rồi
    I’ve lived in Vietnam for 3 months already


Mình là người Mỹ và mình sống ở Việt Nam 2 năm rồi
: I am American và I've lived in Vietnam for 2 years already

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Talking About Job in Vietnamese

When introducing yourself, you might also want to introduce your job! Such as what you do, where you work or who you work for. You can simply say:

Mình là + [job position/title]

  • Mình là giáo viên tiếng Anh
    I’m an English teacher

  • Mình là lập trình viên
    I’m a programmer

You can talk generally about the field or industry that you’re working in by saying:

Mình làm về + [industry]

  • Mình làm về marketing
    I work in marketing

  • Mình làm về thiết kế
    I work in design

If you also want to mention where you work or who you work for, you can say:

1) Mình làm ở + [place/company]
2) Mình làm cho + [place/company]

  • Mình làm ở bệnh viện
    I work at the hospital

  • Mình làm về công nghệ ở công ty Grab
    I work in tech for Grab company

  • Mình làm về sales cho một khách sạn
    I work in sales for a hotel

If you are working as a freelancer, a homemaker, or you are already retired, you can say:

  • Mình làm việc tự do
    I work freelance

  • Mình làm nội trợ
    I’m a housewife or a househusband

  • Mình về hưu rồi
    I have retired already

And if you're a college student, you can also introduce your school and your major.

  • Mình là sinh viên trường RMIT, ngành marketing
    I'm a student at RMIT (school), majoring in marketing


Trước đây mình làm kiểm toán về tài chính, nhưng mà bây giờ mình làm việc tự do.
: I used to work as an auditor in finance, but now I work as a freelancer.

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Talking about Interests & Hobbies in Vietnamese

Now let's talk about the things that enjoy doing outside of work. To talk about your interests and hobbies, you might want to start with:

Mình thích + [activity]

  • Mình thích nấu ăn
    I like cooking

  • Mình thích đi du lịch
    I like to go traveling

To intensify your interest, you can say:

1) Mình rất là thích + [activity]
2) Mình thích nhất là + [activity]

  • Mình rất là thích chơi nhạc
    I really like playing music

  • Mình thích nhất là học ngôn ngữ
    I like learning languages the most


Lúc rảnh, mình thích coi phim và đi ăn.
: When free, I like to watch movies and go out to eat

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