Story Listening Practice in Vietnamese

Practice your listening with 6 short stories in Vietnamese on various topics, read to you at both slow & normal speed. Suitable for upper-beginner to intermediate level.

Level: Upper Beginner - Intermediate

Story Listening Practice in Vietnamese

What's included?

PDF Lesson Note - 6 files, includes:

  • Story Transcript in Vietnamese
  • English Translation
  • Key vocabulary list

Audio MP3 - 12 files, includes:

  • Slow speed version
  • Normal speed version

Best way to study with this material?

Step 1: Understand the story

  • 1A - Read the transcript.
  • 1B - Check for key vocabulary words that can help you understand the overall meaning of the story.

Step 2: Understand the sentences

  • 2A - Translate each sentence into English. Focus on the sentence structures.
  • 2B - Check the given translation and notes for difficult grammar points.

Step 3: Active listening

  • 3A - Play the audio and follow along with the transcript.
  • 3B - Focus on pronunciation and rhythm.

Step 4: Passive listening

  • 4A - Listen to the audio passively without the transcript.
  • 4B - Replay the audio as many times as you need until you can understand the story without translating.