Top Must-Know Vietnamese Words About TRAVEL

In this lesson, we are going to look at some common Vietnamese words and short phrases about travel to help you feel more prepared for your next trip!

The first word that you need to know is of course "to travel"

  • du lịch
    to travel

  • đi du lịch
    to go traveling

So let's start from the moment when you have to book your flight tickets and hotel, preparing things for the trip, to doing things at the airport, going sightseeing and shopping!

Flight Booking in Vietnamese

Before you can actually travel, you will need to do a few things first. And one of those things would be to buy plane tickets!

  • vé máy bay
    plane ticket

where means “ticket”, and máy bay refers to “airplane”

You might also want to buy train or boat tickets to travel within the country and they are both called:

  • vé tàu
    train/boat ticket

And of course, there are also different types of ticket that you choose, such as:

  • vé một chiều
    one-way ticket

  • vé hai chiều
    two-way ticket

  • vé vé khứ hồi
    return ticket

Let's say you want to buy two return boat/ferry tickets to Vũng Tàu, you can say:

  • Cho mình hai vé khứ hồi đi Vũng Tàu
    Please give me 2 return tickets go to Vung Tau
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Accommodation Booking in Vietnamese

After buying the tickets, it’s time to book your accommodations. Let's learn some words!

  • đặt phòng
    to book a room

where đặt means “to book, and phòng means “room”.

For example:

  • đặt khách sạn
    to book a hotel room

  • đặt trên Airbnb
    to book a room on Airbnb

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Preparing documents

After booking your tickets and hotels, now we need to prepare some travel documents, such as your visa and passport.

In Vietnamese, the word "visa" is written the same as in English, but is pronounced as vi-za.

Similarly, the word "passport" in Vietnamese can be pronounced as pas-po. We also have the Vietnamese word for it, which is:

  • hộ chiếu

Preparing baggage

Another thing to prepare is your luggage. So luggage or baggage in Vietnamese is called:

  • hành lý
    luggage; baggage

If you have been a traveler, you would know that there are two types of baggage.

  • hành lý xách tay
    hand baggage

  • hành lý ký gửi / hành lý ký gởi
    checked-in baggage

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At the airport

Now that you have prepared everything, you’re ready for the trip! You would come to the airport and do your check-in.

So here are some useful words and phrases at the airport that you should know!

  • sân bay

  • chuyến bay

  • làm thủ tục check-in
    literally means “to do check-in procedures”

  • quầy check-in
    check-in counter

  • khởi hành
    to depart

  • cửa khởi hành
    departure gate

  • ghế ngồi

  • phòng chờ
    waiting room

  • lên máy bay
    get on the plane

  • xuống máy bay
    get off the plane

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Here are some example sentences that use the above words and phrases:

  • Chuyến bay đi thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
    The flight to Ho Chi Minh city

  • Vui lòng ra cửa khởi hành
    Please go (out) to the departure gate

  • Mình muốn ghế ngồi cửa sổ
    I want a window seat

  • Mình đang ngồi ở phòng chờ
    I'm sitting in the waiting room

  • Mười lăm phút nữa mình sẽ xuống máy bay
    15 more minutes I will get off the plane

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Airport Arrival

After a long flight, you finally arrived to Vietnamese airport. So let’s find a place to exchange some money into Việt Nam đồng.

  • quầy đổi tiền
    money exchange counter

where quầy means "counter", đổi means "to excahnge", and tiền means "money"

  • Mình muốn đổi đô Mỹ sang Việt Nam đồng
    I want to exchange US dollars to Vietnam Dong

where đô means "dollar"

It has been a long day, let's get a cab back to your hotel.

The phrases "to get/catch a taxi" in Vietnamese is:

  • bắt taxi (taxi is pronounced as tắc-xi
    to get/catch a taxi

  • bắt taxi tới khách sạn
    to get/catch a taxi to the hotel

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After resting, you’re ready to do some sightseeing! In Vietnamese, it is called:

  • đi tham quan
    to go sightseeing

  • địa điểm du lịch
    tourist attraction

Here are some places that you can explore around the city of Sài Gòn:

  • Dinh Độc Lập
    Independence Palace

  • Nhà hát Thành Phố
    City Opera House

  • Nhà thờ Đức Bà
    Notre Dame Cathedral

  • Bảo tàng Thành phố
    City Museum

  • Chợ Bến Thành
    Ben Thanh market

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When going to those tourist attractions, maybe you would want to buy some souvenir for your friends and family.

Here are some useful vocabulary words for your shopping:

  • quà lưu niệm

  • trả tiền / thanh toán
    to pay

  • trả bằng tiền mặt
    to pay with cash

  • trả bằng thẻ Visa/Master
    to pay with Visa/Master card

Here is how you can ask the seller about the payment method:

  • Trả bằng thẻ được không?
    Pay with card can? (Literally) / Can I pay with card?

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